Protection from injustice

We are here for our clients who are exposed to injustice either by state authorities or territorial authorities or self-government interests, as well as by other third-party natural or legal persons.

We consider representing clients in "lawsuits against the state" in the area of administrative justice as well as in the area of compensation for damage caused by public authorities to be our strong point. Our experience includes, for example:

  • representing a soldier who, after 22 years since the onset of an occupational disease, achieved at the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic to have his claim for painful and difficult social application assessed by the general courts not only formally, but also, as the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic emphasized, from the point of view of Aristotle's "equity" ...(ÚS+215_2023/4b27dfd5-acfd-4044-915e-4e1dfa591a16),

  • representation of the client – builder in proceedings for compensation for damages due to inactivity, inefficient activity and bullying exercise of public authority by the Bratislava building office in proceedings lasting 839 days,

  • representation of the city’s chief controller before administrative courts in proceedings to annul the decision of the city’s municipal council to remove him from office; administrative courts noted the authority of the courts to examine not only the formal requirements for voting on the dismissal of the chief controller, but also the material reasons, in order to avoid the dismissal solely for power-political reasons ( - canceled the resolution-o-odvolani-hlavneho-kontrolor-vrutok.html,,

  • representation of the complainant, who was illegally detained for 63 days and is seeking compensation for non-pecuniary damage for more than 5 years, to which the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic stated that the courts should not only be passive readers of the parties' submissions, collectors of dozens of attached court decisions and listeners of submitted statements, but instead passives should be able to express their preliminary opinion on the decision on the merits as well as on what kind of evidence is to be presented... -82d8-eae71771879c),

  • representation of a person in proceedings for damages against the state for illegal prosecution and illegal conviction, who was first illegally convicted in 2010 for an act from 1997 and, after the renewal of proceedings was allowed in 2016, finally legally acquitted in 2021 (https:// or representing a person in proceedings for damages against the state for illegal restriction of personal freedom in health care institute,

In the face of injustice, we deploy our expertise also when using the means of protecting the rights of our clients resulting from special regulations (Act on the Prosecutor's Office, Act on Complaints, Act on the Public Defender of Rights, Administrative Procedure, Criminal Act and Criminal Procedure, etc.).

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