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For more than 15 years, we have been emphasizing human rights and fundamental freedoms in our legal practice. We strive to protect individuals and companies from injustice both in proceedings before general and administrative courts, as well as before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic or the European Court of Human Rights. From the beginning, the invention and expertise of the founding lawyer Mária Kolíková played an irreplaceable role.

One of our first cases was the rescue of a park on Belopotockého Street, which is located behind the inverted pyramid of Slovak Radio. Repeated omissions by participants in administrative proceedings or the simultaneous existence of several zoning decisions for one and the same building demonstrated the legal chaos that resulted in the relocation of the project. Currently, the park is a public space and available to its visitors. We are glad that a permanent solution was achieved through our contribution and in cooperation with the citizens’ initiative.

​​Also thanks the above mentioned case, the agenda of administrative law with an emphasis on the field of construction law became especially close to our hearts. We advise not only the persons affected by the construction, but also the builders. The view from both sides (protecting the right to a favorable environment but also providing support to builders against the inaction and arbitrariness of state authorities) strengthened our expertise in construction and related regulations. Our legal service in the field of construction also includes the treatment of contractual relations with individual actors on the construction site, the elimination of risks or the application of claims. We follow new trends and expand our knowledge so that our clients can rely on us during construction. We are looking for ways to do this.

The creation and commenting of contracts, participation in the negotiations of future parties to the contract as well as corporate issues confirm us in the importance of finding beneficial and creative solutions for our clients.

Litigation and the family law agenda taught us what it is to run the long distance and how important strategic case management and the ability to respond to a changing situation are.

...and our offer

We are convinced that the starting point for successful cooperation is the building of mutual trust, which is why, in the first step, we place great emphasis on understanding your situation well and capturing all the crucial nuances. When we put ourselves into a case, it is in our DNA that when we take care of your case professionally, we have a goal in front of us that we want to achieve together.

​We use our expertise to create the best possible argumentation, meaningful wording in contracts and effective strategies in proceedings. We see in the foreground the common desire of our team of lawyers and you, our clients, to find real solutions in your situations. VERIONS, the new name of the law firm, speaks volumes about what we do and want to do for you, our clients. It is a combination of the words "veritable" and "solutions". We know that good solutions sometimes take a long and hard time to achieve. We are ready to provide you with professional and persistent support in achieving them.

​We offer you our:

EXPERTISE AND TEAMWORK: At least two lawyers deal with your matter, which ensures the necessary substitutability, but especially the synergistic effect of the knowledge and ideas of the team members (one plus one does not have to be two, but three)

STRAIGHTNESS: we will alert you to any risks we become aware of so that you can make responsible decisions

FAIRNESS: our reward is the result of a mutual agreement

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