A substantial part of our agenda is contract law. Wherever possible, the contract takes precedence. The law is general and addressed to a predetermined circle of participants, the contract, on the contrary, is always specific – in the person of the participants and in its content – and corresponds to the individual needs of the contracting parties to an extent that the law will never reach, and at the same time protects the contracting parties individually.

For us, a good contract means a contract that will offer a way out of the situation when events develop in a different direction than desired, and that will distribute the risks between the contracting parties in accordance with their abilities and possibilities. We want to contribute to balanced not only business, but also human relations while at the same time maximally protecting the interests of our clients. Although a good contract prevents disputes, it cannot completely prevent them, but it always contains a mechanism for resolving these disputes in the spirit of the motto clara pacta - boni amici: clear contracts make good friends.

A good contract is like an umbrella - in good weather you don't need it and you may not even know if you have one, but in bad weather you'll appreciate having an umbrella at hand that will reliably protect you from any adversity.

We are ready to help in connection with:

  • the purchase, sale, donation or rental of real estate, for the purpose of housing or for any other purpose,

  • the agreement of the right of pre-emption and the establishment of an easement,

  • less common contract types contained in the Civil Code and the Commercial Code, as well as unnamed contracts,

  • contracts in the field of construction (contracts with the contractor, designer, construction supervisor, architect),

  • contracts within the business "life" of companies, with contracts in the field of social services.

Although the range of contracts we have worked on is wide, we will also tackle contracts with which we do not yet have direct experience. We will not disappoint the trust you place in us and we will get the most out of it for both parties.

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