Our lawyers represent clients before domestic as well as international courts. We understand court proceedings as a tool for the preventive protection of our clients’ rights and as a means of correcting an illegal situation. We stood and stand by our clients in the correction of various interventions in their property and personal sphere or in the prevention of violations of the rights of our clients. We have experience in the field of labor law disputes, disputes over work contracts, disputes over compensation for damages or unjust enrichment, determination of ownership rights, protection of personality and good reputation, and other types of lawsuits and proceedings.

Our standard service in this regard is:

  • analysis of the factual and legal situation,

  • evaluation of the suitability and effectiveness of arguments,

  • taking into account the current and constant jurisprudence of the courts and the opinions of the doctrine,

  • assessment of the risks of individual process strategies in the proceedings,

  • out-of-court negotiations,

  • representation of clients before general courts, the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, up to proceedings before international bodies for the protection of law, including proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights,

  • enforcement proceedings, including execution proceedings.

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