Administrative law

We offer our expertise to clients as part of consulting in administrative proceedings. We have experience in representation in various areas of activity of public authorities, such as:

  • proceedings concerning construction law,

  • monument protection,

  • making information available,

  • mining law,

  • health and safety procedures,

  • proceedings concerning the school administration and also universities,

  • tax procedure,

  • misdemeanor proceedings,

  • the field of foreign law,

  • business agenda, etc.

Since the establishment of the office, we have provided legal services not only in proceedings regarding the rights of our clients before public authorities, but also in subsequent court proceedings, so-called of the administrative judiciary. It can be various situations, e.g. if the state authority did not treat you as a participant in administrative proceedings (e.g. construction proceedings), although it should have; if you, as an entrepreneur, have received a fine from the tax office, regional public health office, public procurement office or other public authorities; if you feel defenseless as a participant in administrative proceedings because the administrative authority is passive in your matter. We are ready to represent you in such and other cases (lawsuits against the inactivity of public authorities, their illegal decisions, lawsuits in the field of foreign law or in matters of local self-government). This area is especially close to the hearts of our lawyers, and that is why we invest our time in following the current development of laws and court decisions.

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